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About Us

About Prep Zone

Prep Zone offers world class test prep and admissions consulting services to the most ambitious students and professionals in Singapore. If you need to prepare for college or an MBA, Prep Zone is your one stop partner.

Founded in 2006, and staffed by graduates of the world’s leading universities, Prep Zone soon became Singapore’s largest and most acclaimed test prep company, before establishing in Dubai, Shanghai and Mumbai. Apart from teaching all major standardised tests, it uniquely creates and conducts its own specialised admissions tests for prestigious international institutions such as INSEAD, Euromed, ESMT and the Indian School of Business.

Prep Zone have created unique content and methodologies that directly address the requirements to succeed in standardised tests. The company’s unique teaching methodology, founded on unlimited class sessions and small group sizes, is utilised by hundreds of students each month. Our clients are directly admitted to the world’s leading educational institutions.

Prep Zone staff are all highly qualified full-time trainers and consultants who are graduates of top international universities. We offer free introductions to our classes, unlimited tuition, and a fuss-free refund policy.

Prep Zone now has offices in Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai, Mumbai and Colombo, and was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and the Financial Times.

Call us now for a FREE introductory class or to speak with our consultants. Or you can email us via our Enquiry Form.


Prep Zone’s MCAT division, MCAT Zone, focuses exclusively on preparing students for the MCAT, universally considered among the most challenging of all admissions tests. Because different students learn in different ways, MCAT Zone offers three types of courses:
  • Group course: The cheapest option, with unlimited access to all group classes
  • Individual course: The most customisable option, with one-to-one attention from trainers
  • Hybrid course: Our most popular course; the best of both worlds!
Give the MCAT Zone a ring at any time and we’ll help you get started with a FREE diagnostic test and consultation.

The Zone Difference

Group registration is PERMANENT: registered students get unlimited access to all our group sessions, across all our groups, forever. This means that:
  • You can afford to miss classes classes and make-up for them, at no additional cost, with another group. We run many groups in parallel, so making up for a missed class is easy. When you miss a class, all you have to do is give us a call to tell us which one you missed. We’ll go through all our group classes and let you know the dates and times on which the same session will be held again.
  • You can do the same class as many times as you like, with different groups.
  • If you choose to retake your test, you can come join any of our group classes, at noadditional cost, for revision.You can join now, and start preparation whenever you’re ready. We’ll give you the material, etc. now, and you can hop into our next course whenever you like. When you register has absolutely nothing to do with when you start preparing. If the material has been revised by the time you start preparation, we will provide you with the new material (free).