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Individual Course

Individual classes are completely customisable. You decide how many sessions you want, you decide how long each session should be, you decide how frequently you would like to have sessions, and most importantly, you decide when you want the sessions. We work 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day of the year. Don’t worry if you have no idea what you’d like; if you prefer, we can come up with a customised plan for you. 

Typically, students prefer a 10- or 14-session package, with each session lasting three hours. However, you can customise this according to your need. Individual sessions are great for focussing on stuff that you’re particularly weak at.

If you sign up for an individual course and decide later that you don’t need all the individual sessions, we will refund the cost of the unutilized hours above the base package. No processing fee, administrative fee or other hidden costs. Refunds take a maximum of 2 weekdays to process. The hybrid course is usually utilised in one of two ways:

When you register for an individual course, you also get:
  • MCAT Zone Roadmap with printed slides for all group classes 
  • The Princeton Review Complete MCAT (New for MCAT 2015 / Latest edition) 
  • Regular take-home worksheets and mini tests 
  • 7 paper-based past practice tests (to be done at the center) and 4 computer-based tests (included in course material) 
  • Access to our collection of MCAT books and material, so you don’t need to spend any further on MCAT resources


18 hours (06 sessions x 3 hours) = SGD 2,688.00 (Includes GST)
30 hours (10 sessions x 3 hours) = SGD 4,188.00 (Includes GST)
42 hours (14 sessions x 3 hours) = SGD 5,428.00 (Includes GST)
54 hours (18 sessions x 3 hours) = SGD 6,588.00 (Includes GST)